Born in Olympia, Washington December 27, 1983, Caralee McElroy, at only three months of age moved to California's  San Joaquin valley town of Modesto, . She grew up immersed in both music and the visual arts. Her talents in both of these fields were apparent at a very early age. By age seven Caralee was accepted into a school for the gifted and talented where her talents for art and music were nurtured. It was also at this time she picked up her first musical instrument, the recorder. Caralee excelled at this instrument at such a rate that within a week her music teacher contacted her parents to ask if she could advance her to the concert flute. Caralee could hardly reach all of the keys on the flute but that didnít discourage her in the least.



Throughout her school years Caralee continued to play flute and she started picking up other instruments. Shortly after moving to Seattle Washington at age nine she got a guitar, she began playing along with her father and then later began playing with friends from school. She then started showing interest in percussion instruments and started learning to play the drum set. Next came keyboard. Like everything else she excelled at all of these.







In 2003 Caralee met her long lost cousin Jamie Stewart. Jamie was in need of a multi-instrumentalist for his band Xiu Xiu and asked Caralee if she would like to audition. She did. They hit it off immediately and Caralee had become a permanent member until February 2009.

Besides participating in the creation of  Xiu Xiu Albums  Caralee has  contributed to the XXL (Xiu Xiu Larsen) recordings  and also contibuted to recordings by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.




Caralee was also a major contributor to Cold Cave's Love Comes Close LP





Caralee now resides in Brooklyn N.Y. and has been working on some music projects with singer-songwriter Chris Garneau

Stay tuned, because good things are yet to come!!